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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

Larry Krotz

Larry Krotz wrote Diagnosing the Legacy: The Discovery, Research, and Treatment of Type 2 Diabetes in Indigenous Youth.

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Larry Krotz

On the Rocks

Peter Unwin’s new novel March 2021
Peter Unwin’s Written in Stone begins at the end. Linda Richardson is driving an aging Westfalia van on one last journey from Toronto to Northern Ontario to scatter her husband’s ashes. Years before, when she first met Paul Prescot, he was “a sullen older man who cast an atmosphere of sullen disapproval.” He approached her at a party and asked if she was any good in a canoe — along the…

A Doctor’s Practice

Four decades in northern medicine April 2019
The most compelling memoirs are those that get beyond an individual’s life to tell larger stories, training beams of light on a time, place, or society that readers otherwise can’t see. Such is the case with Gretchen Roedde’s Deep Water Dream, a look at Canada’s evolving relationship with Indigenous peoples through one physician’s…


How planting cacao trees in Indonesia changed life forever. May 2015
In Land’s End: Capitalist Relations on an Indigenous Frontier, a western anthropologist travels to far-off Indonesia, locates a community of indigenous people who live more or less isolated in the hills, and watches them struggle with the changes wrought by what one might broadly label the advancing “modern world.” The anthropologist is Tania Murray…

Making Aid Obsolete

Are enterprising local innovators the future of global development? September 2014
When I was a child, we were told to eat our vegetables because people in India, China, Africa (pick one) were starving. The question of how my eating vegetables was supposed to help those poor people remained unanswered. What we did presume was that they would be helped by missionaries, and then, with more up-to-date…

Africa Through Western Eyes

Malawi and Sierra Leone provide the backdrop, white doctors the viewpoint December 2013
A first novel is a brave venture. Both of these, The Strength of Bone and My Heart is Not My Own, are in their own ways laudable, yet neither, likewise, is completely free of problems. The two books have many similarities. Each is the first novel by Canadians whose day jobs as medical doctors had them serving for a time in the countries where their stories are set—Lucie Wilk in…

Jack and Jill, Over the Hill

A widower’s misadventures after 50 years of marriage September 2012
The novelistic treatment of characters who are elderly, or at least mature, forces a writer into some predictable choices—just as, you might argue, is the case in our real life. The road in the rearview mirror, of course, is infinitely longer than that seen ahead through the windshield. So will we look back or forward? When we look…

Science and Romance

Two novels of love, intrigue and equations behind the Iron Curtain. July–August 2009