White Girl on the Reservation at Night

A poem


You shouldn’t be out here at night

White girl

you don’t want to learn

life here

This place is guarded by Windigo

and street gangs

down Walk-house Bay

and up to the sewage treatment plant


Bearwalkers are set for revenge

over some past wrong

you don’t wanna be here

here White girl

the rebellion is still goin on


Go with the old women

closed up in their shacks

repairing their fish nets

for the dawn


Go with some tea and pouch of tobacco

roll the old women’s cigarettes


Go before the bodies rise

and the moon is high

and the dogs roam

in packs


Don’t the refuse the lard

and scone

My grandmothers give you


Go before the night

begins grasping for its breath


Listen to my grandmothers gossip

and their superstitious

Shaaaaa ehhhhhh


Curl up with quilts

on the couch

White girl

and listen to the layers of darkness

coming over this place