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You gather all that shines

bright — within her

as we watch her fade

before our eyes.


You begin —

with her breast

& she’s left with one.

Then her copper locks

fall prey & pray she does.

Believes she’s chased you off.


But, you’re a trickster —

sneak into her skull, peck away

at her spine, steal her legs —

a wheelchair, her cage.


In the end —

you rob us — of her.


Oh, lone magpie —

where will you hide

her glittering soul?


Brenda Sciberras is a Winnipeg writer who has been published in several Canadian literary journals as well in the anthology Across Sections: New Manitoba Writing (Manitoba Writer’s Guild, 2007). Her work is also forthcoming in the anthology I Found It at the Movies, which will be published by Guernica Editions in fall 2014. Her first poetry collection, Magpie Days, will be launched by Turnstone Press also in the fall.