September 2008

  • A Steady Eye

    David Levine has captured the artistic and political greats of his era with nothing but a pencil.
  • The Noisy Christian Right

    A review of Michael Wagner’s Standing on Guard for Thee: The Past, Present and Future of Canada’s Christian Right
  • Green Menace

    A review of The Algal Bowl: Overfertilization of the World’s Freshwaters and Estuaries, by David W. Schindler and Jack R. Vallentyne
  • The Innu and the Jesuit

    A review of The Betrayal of Faith: The Tragic Journey of a Colonial Native Convert, by Emma Anderson
  • One and a Half Cheers

    A review of Peter Russell’s Two Cheers for Minority Government: The Evolution of Canadian Parliamentary Democracy
  • Circling the Crime

    A review of Mary Swan’s The Boys in the Trees
  • A Living Past and a Complex Present

    A review of Bill Gaston’s The Order of Good Cheer
  • Remembering a Magus

    A review of Val Ross’s Robertson Davies: A Portrait in Mosaic
  • Fine-Tuning Trade

    A review of the Warwick Commission’s The Multilateral Trade Regime: Which Way Forward?
  • Calling the Season Home

    A poem
  • New Canaan

    A poem
  • La Oscura

  • A Simple, Difficult Lesson in Thai

    A poem
  • American Distractions

    Canada’s best hope for change lies in our own traditions.
  • Positive-Sum Politics

    Beyond entrenched divisions in the United States and Canada.

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Tom Pokinko.

Tom Pokinko is a freelance designer, illustrator and full-time doctoral student in Indian religion and philosophy at McGill University. His graphic design and illustration work can be seen at