March 2009

  • George Grant and the Jews

    A review of Exiles from Nowhere: The Jews and the Canadian Elite, by Alan Mendelson
  • The Legless Castaway

    A review of Jerome: Solving the Mystery of Nova Scotia’s Silent Castaway, by Fraser Mooney, Jr.
  • Blowing the Whistle

    A review of Disrobing the Aboriginal Industry: The Deception Behind Indigenous Cultural Preservation, by Frances Widdowson and Albert Howard
  • Doge’s Dungeon

    A poem
  • Larva

    A poem
  • Trademarks of Simplicity™

    A poem
  • Hearing, and Answering with Music

  • Mapping the Furnace Room

  • Violence and Beauty

    A review of Patrick Lane’s Red Dog, Red Dog
  • Between Two Worlds

    A review of Joan Thomas’s Reading by Lightning
  • Canada’s Global Choices

    An essay.
  • A Stoppage of the Light

    A review of In the Land of Long Fingernails: A Gravedigger’s Memoir, by Charles Wilkins
  • Arcadia in Peril

    A review of The Weekender Effect: Hyperdevelopment in Mountain Towns, by Robert William Sandford
  • Making a Multiversity

    A review of Michiel Horn’s The Way Must Be Tried: York University Remembered and John T. Saywell’s Someone to Teach Them: York and the Great University Explosion, 1960–1973
  • A Happy Marriage of Convenience

    A review of Reconquering Canada: Quebec Federalists Speak Up for Change, edited by André Pratte, translated by Patrick Watson, and Secession and Self: Quebec in Canadian Thought, by Gregory Millard

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Tom Pokinko.

Tom Pokinko is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Montreal. His clients include the United Nations Association in Canada, Maisonneuve Magazine, The Progressive and various Canadian universities. His work can be viewed at Tom is also pursuing a PhD at McGill University.