Spirited Away

Transforming birds, fireflies, and weed cookies in Eden Robinson’s British Columbia outpost

The main character of Son of a Trickster, Eden Robinson’s third novel (and the first in a trilogy), is 16-year-old Jared, renowned weed-cookie baker and adolescent mess. But we first meet him, briefly, when he’s five, learning that his maternal grandmother has never liked him because she believes he is Wee’git’s son. When they’re alone together, she addresses him as the evil spirit she knows him to be: “If you hurt [my daughter], I will kill you and bury you where no one can resurrect you.”

In an interview with CBC, Eden Robinson explained Wee’git, the transforming raven: “ ‘Trickster’ stories in Haisla and Heiltsuk culture were all about protocol…They were told as funny, crazy stories, to teach you about our nuyums, or protocols, by having a character that broke all of them. And I was trying to bring Wee’git into a modern setting. To see what would happen if he was running around in the world...