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Untying the Knot

A new book untangles historical confusion and contemporary anxieties about marriage

Thou Art Anxious

Decisions, decisions

Keep in Touch

Why digital connections can’t sustain health, happiness or politics

Aaron Obedkoff

Aaron Obedkoff studies English literature at Concordia University, in Montreal.

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Aaron Obedkoff

Slippery Slopes

Vincent Lam’s latest September 2023
Vincent Lam was just a few years out of his residency and working as an emergency room doctor when SARS hit Toronto in 2003. That experience informed Bloodletting & Miraculous Cures, which follows four characters as they scramble through medical school and begin their careers right before the outbreak. (It won the Giller Prize in 2006.) More…

Toward a More Perfect Union?

Kevin Lambert in translation October 2022
Kevin Lambert’s young age would be less noteworthy if he were not such a skilled examiner of depravity. His 2017 debut, Tu aimeras ce que tu as tué, was published when he was twenty-five (the text was translated in 2020 by Donald Winkler as You Will Love What You Have Killed