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Alison Lang

Alison Lang is the editor of Broken Pencil magazine, She has written for the Toronto Star, Rue Morgue, Aux, THIS Magazine, Quill & Quire, and Weird Canada. She recently contributed to the Spectacular Optical anthology Satanic Panic: Pop Culture Paranoia in the 1980s.

Articles by
Alison Lang

Welcome to the Machine

The surprising political and cultural legacy of the photocopier September 2016
There are few things more disheartening for a young do-it-yourself enthusiast than to have her posters unceremoniously torn down. I experienced this mini-war of attrition several years ago in Halifax. My friend and I had launched an all-female DJ night and I ran excitedly through the streets late one night, plastering our bright photocopied posters over streetlamp poles and on cable…