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David Clink

David Clink is the former board president and artistic director of the Rowers Pub Reading Series, and former artistic director of the Art Bar Poetry Series. David co-organizes, along with Sandra Kasturi, a one-day poetry workshop entitled “A Fistful of Poems.” He hosts and organizes the Dead Poets Society Night at the Art Bar. He has two collections of poetry published by Tightrope Books: Eating Fruit Out of Season (2008) and Monster (2010). He edited an anthology of environmental poetry called A Verdant Green (The Battered Silicon Dispatch Box, 2010). The same publisher released, in fall 2012, David’s third collection, Crouching Yak, Hidden Emu, a book of humorous poems.

Articles by
David Clink

  You can hear it, the urgency of water. It is 2:28 a.m. in the chronicle of the world’s murmur.   You wait till you and the rivers are alone, ask them how it feels to never stop,   how it felt when sky and cloud disappeared into fluid memory.   Rivers begin with the tears of a giant tortoise that finds its eggs…

A sea monster tells his story

July–August 2012
  For Alexa   I have been hatd and huntd my hole life the seas boyancy holdin my skeletun aloft holdin this oshun enclosd by skin in this sea that no longer has anythin for me.   You are on the beech and you say do not give me things unbrokun and being a creeture of the sea I have no possessiuns I can only give you everythin so at hi tide I come ashore and lie beside…