A sea monster tells his story

A poem


For Alexa


I have been hatd and huntd my hole life

the seas boyancy holdin my skeletun aloft

holdin this oshun enclosd by skin

in this sea that no longer has anythin for me.


You are on the beech

and you say do not give me things unbrokun

and being a creeture of the sea I have no possessiuns

I can only give you everythin

so at hi tide I come ashore and lie beside you.


The moon has come out.

The wind brings natures fragrance

trees and blossoms

the salt of the sea.


You say lo tide is comin.

I say I know but I dont want to go.

You say you dont want me to go but lo tide is comin.

I say let it come.


In the mornin the water is gone. I can hear

the ancient creek of my bones

my skin gettin crispy.


People from all around are comin to help.

But I tell them with my eyes

that I don’t need there help

but they come anyways.


They are pourin water on me.

They have startd a bucket brigade.

They are tryin to save me.


And I tell them with my eyes I dont want to be savd

but they are not listnin

the sun is bakin my skin

I feel week I cant think strait.


When it is clear there is nothin to be dun

you look into my eyes and ask why I didn’t leave befour lo tide

why I couldnt be happy visiting for a few hours each nite.


I tell you I have been hatd and huntd my whole life

and the sea held me until I found you

and I will not return to the sea.


I can see it from the beech and I can taste it in the air

along with the scent of flowers and you

but the sea has nothing for me.


My eyes tell you

I am where I have always wantd to be.