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Elena Johnson

Elena Johnson’s poetry has been nominated for the CBC Literary Awards and the Alfred G. Bailey Poetry Prize. Her work has been published in journals across Canada, as well as in four anthologies. “Silent for the Dry Season” is from her book, Field Notes for the Alpine Tundra, which was published by Gaspereau spring 2015 and was written and researched while she was writer-in-residence at a remote ecology research station in the Yukon’s Ruby Range.

Articles by
Elena Johnson

  So little noise here; sound becomes a feeling. My own blood a humming constant.   I sit by a rock-edged streambed, silent for the dry season.   In the distance, Pika Creek hisses like rain.   The mist slows.   Up on the western ridgetop a slight whisper of motion,   like the ssshhhh of breeze through…

December 2nd

December 2011
  snowflakes rest briefly on lips then dissolve—   we laugh toward the night-sky, mouths open to catch the stars…

Stars, Beneath

September 2011
  moonless prairie road reaches thin   the headlights cast their lens   each scratch, crack in the black comes quick   the wheat fields hold their breath…