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Jules Lewis

Jules Lewis is the author of Waiting for Ricky Tantrum, a novel, and Tomasso’s Party, a play.

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Jules Lewis

Touch of Grey

The latest from Ray Robertson December 2022
On the south side of Harbord Street, in Toronto, there used to be a small ground-floor bookshop, the white paint peeling around the trim of the dust-caked front window. It was open at erratic hours. Sometimes I’d swing by after school, and if I was lucky, the owner would unlock the door, a grudgingly unfolded look in his…

So Here We Are

Saying goodbye to Morris January | February 2022
Morris Wolfe was an essayist, cultural critic, teacher, and editor, as well as a beloved mentor. He chose a medically assisted death on November 27, 2021. The writer Jules Lewis read this letter to him over their last lunch together. Last night, I dreamt that I attended Morris’s funeral. The funeral, for some reason, was held at a…

A Chance Encounter

The fiction of Helen Weinzweig November 2019
Sometimes a sentence is so potent, so jam-packed with meaning and images and music, you have to stop reading and look up from the page. You glance nervously around, searching for a way to unleash this sudden rush of giddiness into the world. You regret not having a loaded machine gun to fire into the…