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Ronald Wright

Ronald Wright’s Stolen Continents: Conquest and Resistance in the Americas, originally published in 1992, was recently reissued in Penguin Modern Classics. His other books include the Massey Lectures A Short History of Progress (House of Anansi, 2004) and the novel A Scientific Romance (Knopf, 1997). His latest novel, The Gold Eaters (Penguin, 2015), is set during the Spanish invasion of Peru. Visit

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Ronald Wright

Into the Heart of Empire

A history of London through the eyes of indigenous travellers January 2017
This is one book that can be judged by its cover, which features a startling 2012 artwork by the Cherokee painter America Meredith. The image is a playful riff on the jacket of the Beatles album Abbey Road. But instead of world-famous British rock stars striding over the zebra crossing in 1969, we see three Cherokee diplomats who toured London in…