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The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada

Sheree Fitch

Sheree Fitch is the author of Mabel Murple, Kiss the Joy as It Flies, and many other books.

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Sheree Fitch

The Back of Beyond

Down a dirt road lives a bookshop May 2021
I can think of few images that are sadder than an almost empty bookshop.— Jorge Carrión From Canada Day to Labour Day, I preside over a little book-filled world in the fishing village of River John, Nova Scotia. Or I did from 2017 to 2019. Then 2020 happened, and I became a bookselling enthusiast who desperately missed the smell of cardboard…


When a friend put a pen in my hand July | August 2020
My son Dustin unexpectedly died in March 2018, but we didn’t know the cause of death for almost seven months. After a long history of mental illness and addiction, Dee had been in active recovery for four years and was trying to come off methadone. It might have been suicide. It might have been a…