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Spider Robinson

Spider Robinson’s collaborators include Jeanne Robinson (The Stardance Trilogy, Baen, 2006), the late Robert A. Heinlein (Variable Star, Tom Doherty Associates, 2006) and David Crosby (“On the Way to the Stars”). A 1960s survivor just entering his sixties, Robinson wrote the introduction for Stephen Gaskin’s Amazing Dope Tails: Haight Street Flashbacks (Ronin Publishing, 1980). His podcast Spider on the Web can be downloaded free from either iTunes or, and a video of his wife, Jeanne, experimenting with dance in zero gravity can be seen at

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Spider Robinson

Back to the Seventies

Two American imports to Canada became renowned writers. October 2008
        We wanted spirituality on other days than Sunday        So we made our homes in shacks and domes on the shores of the Bay of Fundy        We lived in ruins, in huge communes where no one did the dishes        We lived in huts and froze our butts, and fed ourselves on wishes        We lived in shacks and broke our backs to keep ourselves from freezin’        We lived on hope and grains and dope and vegetables in season        We needed dough…