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Carbon Copy

In equal balance justly weighed

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

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April 2008

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Aino Anto. Aino Anto is a Toronto-based freelance illustrator with interests in editorial illustration and children’s books. Her first work, Len Gasparini’s A Christmas for Carol, was published by Seraphim Editions in 2002. More examples of her work can be seen at

The Adventurers Are Back

Two new books on the history and the archaeology of the Hudson’s Bay Company

Peter C. Newman

The Prison of "Public Space"

Before we take to the streets, this pervasive concept needs rethinking.

Mark Kingwell

The Burden of Isolation

An unhappy man remains unconsoled by his own literary genius

Keith Wilson

Has Multi-Culturalism Had Its Day?

A leading British critic finds Canada’s approach outdated.

David Goodhart

Phileas Fogg with a Guitar

The transcendental power of music rides a global whirlwind.

Mark D. Dunn

Show Us The Money

The PMO and the financial watchdogs are changing the budgetary process.

Enid Slack

North End Memories

One of Winnipeg’s great citizens recalls the social energy of earlier times.

Philip Slayton

Standing on Guard for Tim's

Just how much of the national identity burden should a pastry have to bear?

David Dunne

Sheer Talent

A new book recalls the career of two of Canada’s greatest skiers.

Laura Robinson

Sentimental Journey from Hell

A curmudgeon’s return to Britain unleashes bombastic diatribes.

Graham Harley

The Struggle of Memory against Forgetting

Intertwining tales of evil show that atrocities can disappear without a trace.

Jamie Zeppa

Asking the Right and Wrong Questions

Is our diverse population changing Canada’s relationship to the world?

Rima Berns-McGown

Penicillin of the Mind?

Two medical writers try to restore the reputation of a much-maligned treatment.

Vivian Rakoff

The Nunavummiut: Politically Engaged Citizens

But this study looks at them rather than listens to them

John Baglow

Past As Prologue

A new collection highlights the history of the Massey lectures

Mark Lovewell