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The Melmac Years

My peculiar resin d’être

Maple Branches

Who talks of my nation?

Listening In

What recent populist victories tell us about Canada

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January | February 2019

M.G.C. Illustrations by M.G.C., a Korean-Canadian illustrator based in Toronto. His work has appeared in such magazines as The Walrus, Reader’s Digest Canada, and Corporate Knights.

Ignoring Tectonic Shifts

As the Asian world has risen, Canada has paid little attention

David M. Malone

The Formula to End Homelessness

A collection of essays from front-line workers

Carol Goar

When Terror Came to Canada

The response to the FLQ crisis remains controversial five decades later

Brian Stewart

The Devil Is in the Details

Canada’s legalization of marijuana raises a host of policy and health questions

Andrew Potter and James McIntosh

Invisible Canadians

How can you live decades with someone and know nothing about him?

Judy Fong Bates

‘Scots Wha Hae’

Turmoil in eighteenth-century Scotland changed Canada and the world

Chris Alexander

A Quiet Miracle

Jewish life has survived and thrived in Canada—against all odds

Suanne Kelman

In the Company of War

Portraits from behind the lens of conflict photography

Murray Brewster

The Fire and Brimstone Next Time

We deal with the reality of evil by thinking of ways that sinners are punished

Mark Lovewell

Eat, Die, Live

On life, death, and a good meal in between

John Allemang

Defining Race

Andy Lamey on why both culture and biology count

Andy Lamey

The World inside Their Heads

A novelist wrestles with the idea that fiction is stranger than truth

Susan Swan

Right Out of Tosca

The sprawling, multi-generational history of a familythat is a window to the strangeness and richness of Quebec

Alison Gzowski