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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

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July–August 2017

Jean-Luc Bonifay Jean-Luc Bonifay is an award-winning illustrator based in Toronto and a graduate of OCAD University. His work has been featured in galleries, magazines and on TV. Jean-Luc heads a screen-printing and enamel pin studio in Toronto. To view more of his work, visit or Instagram @jlbonifay_illustration.

The New Dissent

In an age of free speech battles and #fakenews, what exactly counts as dissent?

Andrew Potter


Is multinational, multicultural Canada more civilization than nation-state?

Joshua Nichols

Brush with Infamy

A forgotten artist, a 50-year-old forgery and my unlikely journey into the country’s biggest art fraud case

Jon S. Dellandrea

Picture Perfect

Following a trail of iconic images in search of the real Glenn Gould

Deborah Kirshner

“An Odiferous Goulash”

Automobility, the newspaper wars and how paved roads came to Hogtown

Beth Haddon

Border Crossings

The in-between worlds of Steven Heighton

Donna Bailey Nurse

The Sins of a City

The story of Canada’s Sherlock Holmes is also a dark and revealing history of Vancouver

Naben Ruthnum

Mr. Lithuania in Canada

A portrait of the artist as a parking-lot attendant and bingo caller

Joel Yanofsky

Un Canadien errant

Reconsidering the legacy of Louis Riel

Candace Savage

Maud’s Darkening Gables

How the world wars shaped L.M. Montgomery’s character—and characters

Carole Gerson

Disappearing Act

The enigmatic life and quietly legendary work of Claude Ranger

Paul Wells

A Toast to the Lassie

A portrait of Robert Burns’s much-adored, long-suffering wife and muse

Ian Hunter