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Untying the Knot

A new book untangles historical confusion and contemporary anxieties about marriage

Thou Art Anxious

Decisions, decisions

Keep in Touch

Why digital connections can’t sustain health, happiness or politics

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Christy Lundy Illustrations by Christy Lundy, who has done work for the Boston Globe, Reader’s Digest, and Monocle.

To Nie Kanada

Our country through the eyes of others

Krzysztof Pelc

Positively Shady

The glamorous activism of M.A.C Cosmetics

Elspeth H. Brown

Defence Mechanism

Questioning the Kosovo War, twenty years later

Geoff White

State of the Unions

The birth and promise of Unifor

John Baglow

Blind Spotting

The CBC’s narrow take on Canadian history

Matthew J. Bellamy

Taking Refuge

Nineteenth-century Americans look north

Michael Taube

The Cherokee Scot

A new edition of a wartime memoir

Donald B. Smith

The Soap Myth

A Holocaust artifact in a post-truth era

Daniel Panneton

Reading with Mental Illness

For us, the finish line is a mirage

Leanne Toshiko Simpson

Well Versed

How poets describe the indescribable

Bardia Sinaee

Blurred Borders

The human stories behind immigration

David Wallace

Cautionary Tale

A woman shouldn’t have to explain herself

Rose Hendrie

The Horizons Beyond

Living with albinism in a dark world

Emily Urquhart

Classical Accompaniment

The arrangement that shapes my characters

Adam Foulds