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Carbon Copy

In equal balance justly weighed

Slouching toward Democracy

Where have all the wise men gone?

By Populist Demand

When urban and rural voters went separate ways

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November 2013

Illustrations by Miko Maciaszek Miko Maciaszek is a Polish-born, Canadian-raised illustrator. He studied visual arts at Sheridan College and now focuses on book and editorial illustration. See <>.

A Brilliant Attack

The PMO sets its sights on Enlightenment scientific ideals

Alanna Mitchell

Out of Sync

Readers and writers strive mightily to imagine the future

Charles Foran

Twilight of the Pundits

The internet’s welcome transformation of public debate

Andrew Potter

The Computhor Cometh

When computers start writing their own books, who will be their readers?

Andrew Piper

The Globalized Great Lakes

An environmentalist charts the ruin—and possible revival—of the continent’s heart

Wayne Grady

Toronto Confidential

A historic crime unearthed by a master storyteller

John Fraser

Who’s Right?

In court, argues a new study, equality too often trumps religious rights

Dwight Newman

Focusing on the Small Picture

A new book looks at the communities that will be affected by the Northern Gateway pipeline

Kevin Patterson

Powerful and Troubling

A young Métis writer captures an unstable reality

Ibi Kaslik

Less Crazy Than You’d Think

The Fenians’ quirky place in Canadian confederation

Anne Marie Todkill

An Archipelago in Prose

Voyaging from Newfoundland to Devil’s Island, and Melville to King Kong

Marq de Villiers

He Daunts Us Still

A new book takes aim at Pierre Trudeau’s legacy

Mark Lovewell

Flawed Visionary

The complicated life of a 20th-century architectural giant

Alex Bozikovic

When Politics Get Personal

How marketing savvy and behavioural research have reshaped elections

David M. Brock

The Kanadian Klan

Our moral superiority to the Americans takes another hit

Joan Sangster