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From the archives

The Path of Poetic Resistance

To disarm Canada and its canon

Are Interests Really Value-Free?

A salvo from the “realist” school of Canadian foreign relations

Going It Alone

The marvellous, single-minded, doggedly strange passion of citizen scientists

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November 2018

Studio Tipi Studio Tipi is the studio of artists Judi Chan and Keith-yin Sun, who have been telling stories through art and illustrations since 2010.

Myers, Briggs, and the Age of Self-Actualization

The world's most famous personality test as cosmic laboratory for our times

Mireille Silcoff

Money for a Post-Work World

Silicon Valley is a fan, but does basic income have a fighting chance?

Jason Kirby

The myth of 1968

Clinging to pictures of a revolution in France

Susan Whitney

Safe Travels

A message from the outgoing editor-in-chief

Sarmishta Subramanian

The art of the hoax

The uses and misuses of intellectual pranks

Andy Lamey

Meanwhile in another forest…

Canada’s trees, and the long history of another era’s resource war

Charlotte Gray


Listening to Buffy Sainte-Marie

Alicia Elliott

Which books do we need?

Literary now-ness, and an anachronistic, exquisitely fashioned novel

Pasha Malla

The sword in the stones

Lessons from a spectacular museum fraud

Victor Rabinovitch

No Excess of Success

Too nice for America, too big for us: the comedic enigma of the Kids in the Hall

Jaime J. Weinman

Hell of a Racket

America was thirsty, and Canadians like to help

Dean Jobb