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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

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September 2015

Jonathan Dyck Jonathan Dyck is an illustrator and designer from southern Manitoba. Now based in Montreal, he is part of the GUTS Magazine editorial collective and has worked with a variety of publications including The Globe and Mail, Briarpatch and Geez.

Ties That Bind

Understanding Quebec’s unique brand of multiculturalism

Martin Patriquin

Invisible Roots

Three books provide distinctive versions of Métis history

Candace Savage

Shifting Fortunes

Uncovering Canada’s role in corporate tax evasion

Michael C. Webb

Empire Man

A new look at the complicated life and work of Donald Creighton.

Christopher Dummitt

Scarlet Letter

A forgotten murder reveals our shifting sexual ethics.

Debra Komar

Purchasing Power

George Soros’s precarious political legacy.

Shawn McCarthy

Drug Deals

How to shift policy toward universal pharmacare

Danielle Martin

Love Hurts

Lovers face up to loss and betrayal in Jane Urquhart’s new novel

Robin Roger

Sisters in Jazz

In Kim Echlin’s novel, music brings two troubled women together.

Gail Singer

Rule by Merit

Is China’s political system superior to western democracy?

James Miller

Leo’s Web

A new look at Strauss’s ideas helps reveal their influence in Canada

Mark Sholdice

Seeds of Hate

Tracing tyranny back to medieval Spain.

Triadafilos Triadafilopoulos

Fault Lines

The vexed politics behind Ottawa’s monument to victims of communism.

Antanas Sileika