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The Other Side of “Irish Eyes”

Brian Mulroney abroad and at home

The Ramble

Memories from the PMO

Vintage Years

Two political memoirs

An Undersea Catastrophe

Between farming and fishing, do our salmon stocks stand a chance?

Alanna Mitchell

A Stain upon the Sea: West Coast Salmon Farming

Stephen Hume, Alexandra Morton, Betty C. Keller, Rosella M. Leslie, Otto Langer and Don Staniford

Harbour Publishing

288 pages, softcover

ISBN: 1550173170

Salmon Wars: The Battle for the West Coast Salmon Fishery

Dennis Brown

Harbour Publishing

390 pages, softcover

ISBN: 1550173510

Atlas of the Pacific Salmon: The First Map-Based Status Assessment of Salmon in the North Pacific

Xanthippe Augerot

University of California Press

150 pages, hardcover

ISBN: 0520245040

Alanna Mitchell is a journalist, author, and playwright who specializes in science.