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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

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September 2005

Andrew Stevenson Andrew Stevenson is a young illustrator studying for his BA at Sheridan College.His online portfolio is available at <>.

Ottawa's Boy Scout

A praising assessment of the opposition leader leaves out the dark side.

John Gray

What Makes a Building Canadian?

A thinker and practitioner surveys our national architecture.

Ken Greenberg

Is NAFTA Pushing Our Taxes Down?

Probably not, but our fiscal freedom is narrowing nevertheless.

Richard M. Bird

Who's a Flibbertigibbet?

A devotee of spy fiction is unimpressed by an academic take on it.

Wesley Wark

Gomery as Glasnost

Will transparency in Canada lead to restructuring?

Gilles Paquet

Live at the Crest

An important era in Toronto theatre gets a superficial treatment.

Graham Harley

Exploring the Margins

Settings glisten but characters remain unfocused in this Parisian drama of journalists and refugees.

Michael Valpy

Blood and Love in Harar and London

A white woman's compelling quest for acceptance in a Muslim world.

Cathy Stonehouse


Canada should look east, not south, for important clues to its personality.

Reed Scowen

A Slippery Story

The problematic life and fiction of Sinclair Ross.

W. J. Keith

Contrasting Views of Darkness

Is antisemitism today the same old evil or a response to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Norman Ravvin

An Undersea Catastrophe

Between farming and fishing, do our salmon stocks stand a chance?

Alanna Mitchell