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From the archives

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To disarm Canada and its canon

Are Interests Really Value-Free?

A salvo from the “realist” school of Canadian foreign relations

Going It Alone

The marvellous, single-minded, doggedly strange passion of citizen scientists

Sleeping Outside Near Willow Creek


Dawn      begs earth

to stay

Through vowel

spirit enters

in consonant the soul

river’s primal speakers

bind breath to flesh to bone.


Grey brittle stars

the small cloven hooves

of morning.


Between the lifting

of the eyelid

and the glance

a speck of dust




Meister Eckhart says

The creator has no within. 


What needs doing gets done somehow

dance doing it beautifully.


The plant oracle says

Nature responds with no arrangement or forced effort.


Richard Therrien has published broadly across North America, from journalism to non-fiction, fiction and poetry. His poetry has been published in various periodicals such as Grain, The New Quarterly and Prairie Fire. He is co-author, with Dean Neu, of Accounting for Genocide, Canada’s Bureaucratic Assault on Aboriginal People (Fernwood Publishing/Zed Books, 2003). Sleeping in Tall Grass, due in the spring of 2016 from University of Alberta Press, is his first collection of poetry.