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Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

A Larger Role for Unions

Organized labour may be shrinking but the rhetoric is still upbeat

This United League

Will not die, will not perish

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September 2011

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Ben Clarkson. Ben Clarkson is an artist and illustrator who lives and works in Winnipeg, Manitoba. See more of his work at

Is Public Service Delivery Obsolete?

Why competition between civil servants, corporations and non-profits is good for everyone

Tony Dean


Would a Canadian reactor have staved off the Fukushima nuclear disaster?

Andrew Horvat

I’m Right, You’re Wrong

The insidious pleasure of conspiracy theory

Paul Wells

Quebec's Eternal Hero

How a sports icon came to symbolize the entire province

Christopher Dornan

Finding Our Reflection

From Harold Innis and George Grant to Ursula Franklin, Canadian thinkers have pondered the technologies that help hold the country together

Michael Valpy

Bard Versus Bard

Shakespeare changed the world, but he was no revolutionary—sexual or otherwise

Robert Fothergill

On the Gurney

Two health system insiders go under the knife.

Allan Peterkin

Tantalizing Ambiguity

Could science be more creative if it were less sure of itself?

Sheilla Jones

Strange Things Done in the Midnight Sun

The borderline between myth and reality in Canada’s North

Diana Kuprel

Hidden Stories

In an uncompromising novel, post-war Lithuania receives its due

Anna Porter

Showdown in Ottawa

A blow-by-blow account of the struggle to patriate the Canadian constitution

Peter H. Russell

Shop Girl Blues

A journalist tries selling for a living and lives to write about it

Jeff Bursey

Cold War, Bright Stars

Driven by military spending, Canada took a lead role in the early space race

Adam Chapnick

Yorkville State of Mind

The place may have changed, but the vision lingers on

Christopher Dummitt