March 2007

  • Red-Tinted Yiddish

    A review of Soviet and Kosher: Jewish Popular Culture in the Soviet Union, 1923–1939, by Anna Shternshis
  • Nuclear Sales and Service

    A review of Duane Bratt’s The Politics of Candu Exports
  • Diaspora Voices

    A review of TOK: Writing the New Toronto, Book 1, edited by Helen Walsh
  • The Kyoto Debate Continues

    A review of George Monbiot’s Heat: How to Stop the Planet from Burning
  • Mixing Memory with Desire

    A review of Michael Redhill’s Consolation
  • Pop Goes the Apocalypse

    A review of Dead Man’s Float, by Nicholas Maes
  • The Oxford Don on the Potomac

    A review of The Washington Diaries, 1981–1989, by Allan Gotlieb
  • Front-Row Seat in Moscow

    A review of Janice Cowan’s A Spy’s Wife: The Moscow Memoirs of a Canadian Who Witnessed the End of the Cold War
  • Transformations, Eh?

    A review of The Other Quiet Revolution: National Identities in English Canada, 1945–71, by José E. Igartua, and Gatekeepers: Reshaping Immigrant Lives in Cold War Canada, by Franca Iacovetta
  • Playing the Monument Game

    A review of Joan Coutu’s Persuasion and Propaganda: Monuments and the Eighteenth-Century British Empire
  • Demolishing a Stereotype

    A review of Nobody’s Mother: Life without Kids, edited by Lynne Van Luven
  • Book Lover’s Paradise

    A review of The Library at Night, by Alberto Manguel
  • Single Sock

    A poem
  • On a Drawing by Paul Young

    A poem
  • Earrings

    A poem
  • The Blanket

    A poem
  • The Bride Muses the Might-Have-Beens

    A poem
  • Rules of Engagement

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Wes Tyrell

Wes Tyrell is a caricature artist and humorous illustrator. His works can be seen in a variety of publications, including The Globe and Mail and Maclean’s, as well as at