June 2007

  • The Idea Juggler

    A review of The Upside of Down: Catastrophe, Creativity and the Renewal of Civilization by Thomas Homer-Dixon
  • No Financial Cachet

    A review of Why Mexicans Don’t Drink Molson: Rescuing Canadian Business from the Suds of Global Obscurity, by Andrea Mandel-Campbell
  • Paths of Rehabilitation

    A review of Paths of Glory: The Life and Death of General James Wolfe, by Stephen Brumwell
  • The Meeting of the Twain

    A review of Unexpected Affinities: Reading Across Cultures, by Zhang Longxi
  • The Call of the Dispossessed

    A review of A Common Hunger: Land Rights in Canada and South Africa, by Joan G. Fairweather
  • Motives Unknown

    A review of Garcia’s Heart, by Liam Durcan
  • The Lived Truth of Slavery

    A review of The Book of Negroes, by Lawrence Hill
  • Work in Progress

    A review of Andrew Cohen’s The Unfinished Canadian: The People We Are
  • Inside the Order

    A review of Seminary Boy: A Memoir, by John Cornwell, and The Greater Glory: Thirty-Seven Years with the Jesuits, by Stephen Casey
  • The Medical Sonata

    A review of Diagnosing Genius: The Life and Death of Beethoven, by François Martin Mai
  • Diplomatic Games

    A review of Histoire des relations internationales du Québec, edited by Stéphane Paquin
  • What’s Happening to Socialism

    A review of After Socialism: Reconstructing Critical Social Thought, by Gabriel Kolko
  • Speed

    A poem
  • The Sign

    A poem

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Barbara Klunder

Barbara Klunder has been illustrating and designing for many years. She has won numerous awards in Canada and the United States, and has had museum shows of her textile work. Her first book, Other Goose, illustrated “recycled” rhymes and was published by Groundwood/House of Anansi; it has just been presented at the Bologna International Children’s Book Fair and will be launched in Canada in late August.