April 2010

  • Different Pipers, Different Tunes

    A review of Selling Out: Academic Freedom and the Corporate Market, by Howard Woodhouse
  • Flying Naked Next

    Can we replace fear-driven theatrics with resilience in our quest for air travel security?
  • Taking On the World

    A review of BlackBerry: The Inside Story of Research In Motion, by Rod McQueen
  • Quebec’s Anti-Hero

    A review of René Lévesque, by Daniel Poliquin
  • Searching for Clarity

    A review of La souveraineté du Québec: Hier, aujourd’hui et demain, by Jacques Parizeau
  • A Radical Shift

    Why have Quebec sovereigntists become so keen on Canada?
  • Fable of the Child Who Went into the Mountain

    A poem
  • The Night Howler

    A poem
  • The Volcano

  • At the Raptor Centre

  • Flight from Europe

    A review of In a Pale Blue Light, by Lily Poritz Miller
  • Battles Foreign and Familial

    A review of The Honey Locust, by Jeffrey Round
  • Our Violent National Game

    An essay.
  • The Elected and the Appointed

    A review of The Politics of the Charter: The Illusive Promise of Constitutional Rights, by Andrew Petter
  • A Spy Story Well Told

    A review of Our Man in Tehran: Ken Taylor, the CIA and the Iran Hostage Crisis, by Robert Wright
  • Kowtowing to the Hegemon

    A review of In Roosevelt’s Bright Shadow: Presidential Addresses about Canada from Taft to Obama in Honour of FDR’s 1938 Speech at Queen’s University, edited by Arthur Milnes, and At Home and Abroad: The Canada-U.S. Relationship and Canada’s Place in the World, by Patrick Lennox
  • The Winter of a Hundred Books


Elisha Lim is a queer graphic novelist and proud to be launching Michelle Tea’s new imprint, “Sister Spit,” with her book 100 Butches. For more information about the North American tour please visit