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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

André Forget

André Forget edited the short story collection After Realism: 24 Stories for the 21st Century.

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André Forget

In County Mayo

Colin Barrett’s ransom notes May 2024
A novel that opens with a kidnapping invites certain questions. Who is the victim? Why have they been put in this unfortunate position? Who are the kidnappers? Are they simple villains acting out of greed or spite, or is there (at least in their own minds) a higher motivation at work? The conventions of the crime novel dictate that these questions must be answered in such a way that the…

Blurred Vision

A novel by Anne Michaels January | February 2024
Anne Michaels’s third novel, Held, opens on a scene of carnage. A man named John lies in the mud of the Western Front in 1917, wounded during the battle of Cambrai. As John gazes at the ruins of the French city around him, he contemplates the mysteries of life and death in…

Methodists and Madness

A masterful first novel May 2023
The basic plot of Falling Hour, Geoffrey D. Morrison’s first novel, can be easily summarized. A youngish man, Hugh Dalgarno, goes to a park in London, Ontario, on June 11, 2019. He brings with him a picture frame that he has found hanging from a fire hydrant. He intends to sell this picture frame to a buyer he’s met…

This Unfolding Epoch

A novel by Jaspreet Singh September 2022
It is not easy to write fiction about the Anthropocene. How do you tell a story that grapples with the scope of this epoch and the dizzying changes it has brought using an artistic form that prioritizes the struggles of individuals and their small social worlds? For this reason, Jaspreet Singh’s decision to subtitle his latest…

In the Imperial City

A collection by David Huebert March 2022
On the southern edge of Sarnia, Ontario, lies a cluster of more than sixty oil refineries and petrochemical plants, an industrial wasteland known as Chemical Valley. In the 164 years since Lambton County became the site of North America’s first commercial oil well, this small city at the mouth of the St. Clair River has turned into one of the most polluted places in…


Sometimes survival means fighting the bad fight December 2017
The promotional jacket copy for Kevin Hardcastle’s new novel In the Cage comes out swinging: “A feared cage fighter in mixed martial arts, Daniel is closing in on greatness—until an injury derails his career,” we are told. “Out of work in his country hometown, Daniel slips into the underworld, moonlighting as muscle for a childhood-friend-turned-mid-level gangster.” Advertising this as unabashedly generic has its own kind of…

A Defence of Dying

A secularist takes comfort in mortality September 2016
In Book IX of The Iliad, Achilles tells Ajax and Odysseus that his mother, the goddess Thetis, has revealed to him a choice of fates: if he stays in Ilium and continues the siege of Troy, his life will be cut short but his fame will live forever; if he returns home, he will live a long life but his name will die with…