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Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

A Larger Role for Unions

Organized labour may be shrinking but the rhetoric is still upbeat

This United League

Will not die, will not perish

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December 2016

Suharu Ogawa Suharu Ogawa is a Toronto-based illustrator originally from Japan whose clients include The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, Canadian Grocer, Fast Company, Maisonneuve, NUVO, Reader’s Digest, Swerve and more. She is also a decent table tennis player. Visit

Losing Our Heads

Neuroscience is a modern obsession worth billions. But is it the best way to understand ourselves?

Ian Gold and Suparna Choudhury

Bubble Weary in Trump's America

A dispatch from the early days of a divided nation 

Padma Viswanathan

Should Fort Mac Still Exist?

In the fury of rebuilding after the fire, few are asking more fundamental questions about a struggling northern boomtown

Nancy Macdonald

Shaken, and Stirred

Plumbing a millennia-old human relationship with seismicity

Sir Christopher Ondaatje

The Logroller's Waltz

“Trenchant!” “Transcendent!” A “riveting exploration” of the book-blurbing economy

John Semley

Blanket Security

Bill C-51’s Goldilocks problem, and what needs to change in Canada’s anti-terror response

The House That Bill Built

The enduring legacy of the Conservative who really wasn’t

Michael Taube

Dancing Around the Point

How can two music lovers have a book-length conversation about music that manages to evade the subject almost entirely?

John Beckwith

Text and the Single Guy

Devon Code’s debut novel is about young men united by ideas, the stranger the better

Andrew Forbes

Good Mother, Bad Mother

Emma Donoghue’s novel makes the case for loving hearts over biological ties

Sandra Martin

Can the Humanities Save Us?

The crisis in education, and the surprising uses of the liberal arts

Alexander Macleod , Harry Critchley , Laura Penny and Rita Shelton Deverell


Ignored by modern philosophy, maligned by the Enlightenment, friendship hasn’t had a champion since the Greeks

Patrick Keeney

The Home Front

An illuminating view of how PTSD really works

Anthony Feinstein