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From the archives

The Trust Spiral

Restoring faith in the media

Who’s Afraid of Alice Munro?

A long-awaited biography gives the facts, but not the mystery, behind this writer’s genius

Whatever the Cost May Be

Preparing for the fight of our life

Back Issues

July–August 2015

Gabriel Baribeau Gabriel Baribeau is an artist from Port Dover, Ontario, whose craft is sculpture, performance and tattoo based.


Rethinking the expulsion of indigenous peoples from Canada’s parks

Sophie McCall

Ageless Gags

Revisiting the artistry of silent comedy

Geoff Pevere

The Big Melt

Two books look at the impact of global warming on Canada’s Inuit

David Milward

Autocorrect Off

Where BlackBerry’s founders went wrong

Joshua Gans

Culture Clash

Draft-dodging newcomers discover a Canadian Eden.

Brian Brett

Love’s Remains

Canada’s poets have left a rich epistolary trail

Méira Cook

Done Deal

A fresh look at the crucial meeting that made Canada.

Philip Girard

True Patriot?

The complicated loyalties of the composer of “O Canada”

Adele Barclay

Close Encounters

How best to deal with a rising China

Paul Evans

Boy in the Basement

Japan’s most celebrated novelist, now found in Canadian translation

Andrew Horvat

The Happy Burden of Family

A quirky Saskatchewan couple grow old together in Emma Hooper’s first novel

A History of Violence

Clifford Jackman’s debut novel unpacks an American addiction

Norman Snider

Cold Case

A centuries-old whodunit may finally have been solved

Ken McGoogan

Mystery Man

A new look at the enigma that was Norval Morrisseau

Lewis DeSoto

Pep Talk

Tomson Highway reveals the animation of his native tongue

James Harbeck

Author, Author!

Questioning our cherished myths about literary fame

Keith Wilson