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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Back Issues

June 2009

Illustrations in this issue by Kate Wilson Kate Wilson is a visual artist and founding member of the Toronto-based arts organization Persona Volare.

The Ugly Canadian

Forget middle power. Forget model citizen. We’re becoming one of the bad kids on the block

Amir Attaran

Trial by Anecdote

A controversial polemicist takes on Canada's commitment to human rights

Mark J. Freiman

Creating Another Einstein

The money and intrigue behind Waterloo’s Perimeter Institute

Sheilla Jones

Eat, Worship, Fear, Coddle

How do we balance the contradictions in our attitudes toward animals?

J. E. Chamberlin

Poles Never Play Cricket in Summer

A Montreal-based Scotsman follows his passion through the former USSR.

Charles Wilkins

The Ever-Expanding City

How can city-regions govern themselves when they keep on growing?

Joe Berridge

The Road to Hell

A Canadian journalist wonders if aid workers are just new colonialists.

Ron Stang

Voices Unheard

Letters and fragmented stories create an intriguing tale

Marianne Apostolides

Homage or Hoax?

The perils of reconstruction, from Aswan to Warsaw.

Norman Ravvin

Tough Times

Two books put capitalism and its promises on the hot seat.

Bruce Little

Routing Tokenism

A book on diversity hiring takes a constructive and persuasive approach.

Reg Whitaker

"This Dreadful Vice"

Is it gambling or government addiction to gambling that’s the problem?

W. A. Bogart

The Value of the Seas

If global oceans stay unappreciated, humanity will pay.

U. R. Sumaila