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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

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March 2011

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Ted Barker. Ted Barker is an Illustrator working in Winnipeg. Notable clients include The Walrus and Canadian Dimension. For more of his work please visit

Taxi Driver Syndrome

Behind-the-scenes immigration changes are creating new problems on top of old ones

Jeffrey G. Reitz

Our Overlooked Diaspora

Canada’s millions of citizens abroad could be a national treasure—given the right strategy

Jennifer Welsh

Life in the Afternoon

Will aging boomers continue to make society dance to their tune?

Lyndsay Green

The Secret Life of Flowers

A 21st-century poet meets an 18th-century artist in her garden.

Katharine Lochnan

Crime and Punishment

The Latimer case underlines hard truths about Canada’s legal system.

Garrett Wilson, Q.C.

Musical Brilliance

A great Canadian soprano battled polio and other demons

Colin Eatock

Is Islam Anti-Semitic?

That all depends on how the sacred texts are interpreted.

Ivan Kalmar

A Mensch for All Seasons

The life and times of a memorable centenarian.

Joel Yanofsky

Levitating over the Abyss

What happens to a couple when the bottom falls out.

John Bemrose

Plus ça change…

A new focus on cultural intelligence in the military takes us back over well-trodden ground

David J. Bercuson

Extreme Physics

There is little collegiality in the serious pursuit of science

Mélanie Frappier

Ocean Battleground

Two books explore the contentious prospects for traditional fisheries and aquaculture

Dean Bavington

The Summer of 1990

Where were Canadians when Oka happened … and where are we now?

Claude Denis