from distinctions


What range of tones are possible

in the phrase See for yourself?

Sarah Gridley, Loom


Expand, to widen. Borrowed hours, function. Blazing heat.

Perhaps, we stay awake. We know: the summer still of discon-

tent. Excessive: rooms we can’t yet leave. Her kingdom for a

working AC unit. Cool down, some. She swims the mornings.

Sixteen weeks: we measure eyelids, ears, the length.

Shifting eyes to front. A habit of apples. The white flesh of page. The

moorings. Rush, a second time. Starfish sing. Nuance, of tiny

boats. A tin ear.


A small discretion, slight. Exactitudes. This question still of

luck. Adrift. Spread out, across. To pre-exist. A stubble, roughly

nine months. Dailyness. The pattern, of little feet. A landscape

of pretending. Stacked boxes, letters. We write in colour, songs

of lightening. A dedicated commons. Shadow. The desire of

mothers. Certainty: the handle of an axe, a hammer. Vowel-

thin and unaligned. A spider’s web of chance.