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Untying the Knot

A new book untangles historical confusion and contemporary anxieties about marriage

Thou Art Anxious

Decisions, decisions

Keep in Touch

Why digital connections can’t sustain health, happiness or politics

Advice to a Poet

Susan Braley lives and writes in Victoria, British Columbia. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals such as Arc Poetry Magazine, Antigonish Review, Freefall, Room and Wordworks, and in anthologies including Walk Myself Home: An Anthology to End Violence Against Women (Caitlin Press, 2010). She was the winner of the inaugural Cedric Award for Poetry in 2015, and in 2010, her poem “Traces” was shortlisted in Arc’s Poem of the Year contest and selected as Readers’ Choice. She is currently reading Erin Mouré’s Kapusta, Jennifer Welsh’s The Return of History: Conflict, Migration and Geopolitics in the Twenty-First Century and Elizabeth Strout’s Anything Is Possible.