March 2021

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Re: “A Pronounced Problem,” by Kyle Wyatt

I picked up your journal for the first time and thoroughly enjoyed it. And thank you for the instructive and timely editorial. I find myself annoyed and frustrated when listening to CBC Radio or when local news channels focus most of their airtime on U.S. news.

I agree that we can’t ignore our southern neighbour, but there is something to be said for focusing on Canada, its politics, its cultures, its challenges and opportunities, and its vast and beautiful landscapes. It’s for this simple reason that I’ve subscribed to the Globe and Mail; it’s for this reason I told my friends that I would like to spend more time exploring our national parks.

It’s not only a matter of U.S.-focused airtime and social media, but more importantly the “Canada knowledge” that is missing from our upbringing and everyday conversations.

Ali Hussein
Markham, Ontario

Re: “Wait, Wait... Don’t Tell Me,” by Krzysztof Pelc

Between what I think I know, what I actually know, what I should know, and what I have to know, I don’t know if I want to know.

via Twitter

Re: “Wild Rose Diplomacy,” by Bruce Campbell

Is it mere coincidence that two of the three editors of a book promoting Alberta’s possible union with the United States are U.S. citizens?

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