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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

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October 2010

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Isabel Foo. Isabel Foo is a Toronto-based graphic designer who also loves to draw. See more of her work at

Big Brother No More

Ontario’s and Canada’s interests are no longer identical

Matthew Mendelsohn

An Exaggerated Demise

Boosted by still-thriving industry, Ontario is headed for an economic renaissance

Dimitry Anastakis

Cinderella City

How Hogtown transformed itself into one of the world’s great cultural capitals

Trina McQueen

A Slippery Debate

Black-and-white moralizing about the oil sands slides too easily into caricature

Patrick Brethour

Canada’s Boswell

The country came of age, culturally speaking, through one man’s voice.

Peter C. Newman

Coming to Gold Mountain

Three memoirs chronicle immigrant life outside the big city.

Joseph Kertes

Parsing Pandemics

The bacteriologists and the ecologists are still at odds, but at least they’re talking.

David Waltner-Toews

Women at Risk

Searching for foul play in 16th-century Italy.

Elizabeth S. Cohen

Storms Are Easy, Marriage Is Hard

A novel revisits Hurricane Hazel and Marilyn Bell’s famous swim.

Martin O'Malley

Into the Phantom Zone

A perceptive newcomer’s strange encounters with Canada.

Lewis DeSoto

Ottawa’s Greatest Mandarin

The bureaucrat who steered Canada’s economy through the Great Depression and World War One.

Donald J. Savoie

From Wedding Cake to Music Garden

The neglected story of Toronto’s public art revolution.

Mark Lovewell

Wild Painters

Tall tales from Toronto’s vanguard of the abstract

John Kissick