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Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Hattie Klotz

Hattie Klotz is exploring the tastes of Italy.

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Hattie Klotz

Bundles of Joy

On the humble dumpling April 2023
As a food writer and reviewer, raised in England and across Europe, formerly based in Canada, and now itinerant, I found my interest piqued by What We Talk about When We Talk about Dumplings precisely because I have eaten so few dumplings in my life. How does this lowly foodstuff warrant its own…

Preservation Society

God save strawberry jam and all the different varieties December 2021
Although Thanksgiving has passed and the short months of the Canadian summer seem distant, it’s as good a time as any to indulge in remembering the many pleasures of the season: the shooting stars, outdoor theatre and concerts, golf, and drinks on patios. And then there’s the good food. The roughly 115 days between the summer…

Comfort Foods

The tragic tale of a cookbook January | February 2021
If you’ve ever been properly hungry, you know it’s a sensation that takes over your whole body. By “properly hungry,” I don’t mean you’ve missed a meal or two. I mean when you’re already slim, without great reserves on which to draw, and you miss meal after meal after meal. This is the kind of hunger that becomes your only…

Take Note

Putting pen to pixel April 2020
Those who do not read for pleasure do not understand. I’ll even allow that those who read on a screen or tablet understand more than those who take no pleasure in the written word at all. These digital readers, at least, most likely migrated from the printed page. They can recall the feeling of paper in their…

Gravy Train

Sumptuous fare on the world’s great railways June 2019
The irony of my situation was not lost on me as the small plastic tray of dry food slapped onto the tiny table wedged against my chest on a recent flight from London. Folded on my lap was Food on the Move: Dining on the Legendary Railway Journeys of the World. As my mouth turned to the texture of blotting…