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From the archives

The (Other) October Crisis

A new book revisits one of Canada’s most traumatic and telling moments

Model Behaviour

A Haida village as seen in a windy city

Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Back Issues

April 2009

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Barbara Klunder Barbara Klunder has been illustrating and designing for many years. She has won numerous awards in Canada and the United States, and has had museum shows of her textile work. Her first book, Other Goose, illustrates “recycled” rhymes and was published by Groundwood/House of Anansi in 2007.

Inside the Wire

The limited but important story told by embedded journalism

Christopher Waddell

Are We a Métis Nation?

And has John Ralston Saul had the final word on Canadian identity?

Andrew Potter

Private Thoughts in Public Language

The burgeoning autism narrative may reflect the pathology of our era

Ian Hacking

What’s Race Got to Do with It?

A startling new analysis of the difference between Canadian and U.S. healthcare funding

Gregory P. Marchildon

Frozen Moments

Two books untangle fact and fiction at memorable times in Arctic history.

Mark Lovewell

A Very American Champlain

A U.S. historian provides quite a new take on Canada’s “founding father”

Ronald Rudin

A Canadian Visionary

Research into the life of Holman Hunt unearths an intriguing and important figure.

Katharine Lochnan

Bitumen: Boon or Blight?

Two books demonstrate the passionate heat the tar sands generate.

Andrew Heintzman

An Exercise in Opposites

Two Canadian premiers could not possibly have been more different.

Reed Scowen

Torrents of Vitriol

An author’s 25 years in sub-Saharan Africa produce more rage than analysis.

Blake Lambert

The Continental Quickstep

Will North America ever feel as integrated as Europe?

William Watson