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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

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December 2013

Illustrations by Celia Krampien Celia Krampien is a freelance illustrator living in Oakville, Ontario. Since graduating from Sheridan College’s Illustration program in 2012 she has worked with various clients including The Globe and Mail, Marketing Magazine and the Los Angeles Times.

Building the Dream

Why lasting success eluded an experiment in “scientific” foreign aid

Mark Fried

Credulity Lives!

Human belief in flim-flam appears to be limitless

Arno Kopecky

Nation Building by the Column Inch

How a century-old news cooperative helped Canadians learn who they are

Beth Haddon

Heroes and Windbags

A search for political meaning, from Machiavelli to Weber and beyond

John English

A Glimmer of Globalization

Tracking a merchant map becomes a voyage of tantalizing digression

Stephen R. Bown

Wild Memories

On reconnecting with the natural world

Trevor Herriot

Procreating Properly?

On the moral consequences of having kids

Ronald de Sousa

The Southern Blitz

How Canadian football’s short foray into the U.S. ultimately strengthened the league

Kevin Sylvester

Tribute to a Translator

Has cultural understanding ensued from all those Quebec books in English?

David Homel

Africa Through Western Eyes

Malawi and Sierra Leone provide the backdrop, white doctors the viewpoint

Larry Krotz

A Haunting Crime Revisited

The Emanuel Jacques murder through the eyes of a young Toronto boy

Steven Hayward

Goodbye to All That

The cultural causes—and fallout—of climate change

Stephen Henighan

A Chinese-Canadian Tapestry

Individual stories, woven into a subtle picture of immigrant life

J.J. Lee

Hanging On Forever

The deeply human desire for everlasting life

Salem Alaton

Redefining Citizenship

The Muslim-Canadian experience raises uncomfortable national questions

Melanie Adrian

They Stand on Guard

Canada’s mostly Indigenous icons of Arctic sovereignty

John Baglow