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From the archives

Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Clock Watching

The nuclear threat lingers still

Spending Power

Can compassion and efficiency be combined in the use of public funds?

Back Issues

January–February 2016

Trevor Waurechen Trevor Waurechen draws and paints and prints and cuts and renders and builds all sorts of things and pictures, but never as often as he would like. Take a look at what he has done at or, and for what he has not done, just close your eyes and imagine.

We Have the Technology

Making the Senate relevant again

Hugh Segal

Flotsam & Jetsam

Franklin’s shipwreck and a modern controversy

Adriana Craciun

Starchitect Saga

Two new accounts chart the emergence of Frank Gehry’s genius.

Martin Laflamme

The Pelt Belt

How beavers helped build a nation

Jake MacDonald

Paper Hanging

Two accounts of the sweeping change in Canada’s newspaper industry.

Paul Knox

They’re Still Missing

An insider’s account of the bungled hunt for Robert Pickton.

Robert Matas

Serfing the Net

The material underside of the digital economy.

Daniel Joseph

Government Inc.

A new book questions the efficacy of public-private partnerships.

Michael Fenn

Run, Keita, Run

Lawrence Hill satirizes the senseless treatment of refugees.

Ann Walmsley

Saskatchewan Journey

Diane Warren’s upside-down novel is peopled with vivid small-town characters

Susan Walker

Golden Routes

Canadian Pacific’s quest to create a tourist mecca

Valerie Knowles

Kooks and Cretins

Could the office of mayor be hardwired for failure?

Ivor Tossell

Portrait of a Young Buck

Rapper Rich Terfry serves up a fantastical memoir of his early years.

Stuart Thomson

Cross-Border Cowboy

Owen Wister’s The Virginianmay have a real-life Canadian connection

Michael Dawe