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Referendum Trudeau

He campaigned in poetry but governed in prose

Rinkside Reading

What does hockey’s literature say about the sport?

Alarm Bells

Fort McMurray and fires hence

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July–August 2014

Illustrations by Gabriel Baribeau Gabriel Baribeau is an artist from Port Dover, Ontario, whose craft is sculpture, performance and tattoo based. The illustrations in this issue are done in collaboration with Aimee Burnett, with whom he recently co-founded the arts guild Pedlar Stock.

An Army Astray

Canada's long-standing struggle between the military and politicians

Philippe Lagassé

Gardens of Mourning

The vast, idealistic effort to bury World War One's fallen soldiers

Sarah Jennings

Occupy the Internet!

A passionate rallying cry against digital inequality

Chad Kohalyk

Listen to the Sex Workers

A new essay collection brings their experience and opinions to the fore

Amber Dawn

Paper Promises

By avoiding treaty obligations, Canada undermines its own legal basis

Terry Fenge and Tony Penikett

Flanagan Wrecks

A conservative leader felled by shameful reporting—and hubris

Suanne Kelman

Where Do We Belong?

A writer "leaves herself behind" to explore her place in the world

Madeleine Thien

Frye and McLuhan

Same place. Same time. Different minds

Nick Mount

Hedgehog Gospel

A sweeping vision of religion that encompasses everything from Hinduism to evolution

Rankin Sherling

The Girl with Three Fathers

The vulnerability of the young is the subject of Tom Rachman's second novel

Katherine Ashenburg

Stories That Heal

A boy's task is to bury his father warrior style

Susan Walker

Demonized Weed

Why is media coverage of Canada's grow-op "epidemic" so one sided?

April Lindgren

Vices Then and Now

A new book looks at the colourful history of moral regulation in Canada

James F. Cosgrave

Cottage Romance

Ontario's fierce, odd passion for lakeside getaways

James Roots