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From the archives

The March of the Cheezie

Our snacks as a history of ourselves

Model Behaviour

A Haida village as seen in a windy city

Beyond the City Limits

Diversity and rural Canada

Back Issues

May 2017

J.S. Godfrey J.S. Godfrey is a freelance illustrator based in Toronto. Find more from him at

Cultural Appropriation, Race & the Diversity-Industrial Complex

Are we really having the conversation we need to have about race and Indigenous Canada?

Sarmishta Subramanian

The Animals Next Door

What do we owe our zoological kin?

Lisa Bryn Rundle

Haunted by Weird Willie

The remarkable afterlife of our strangest PM—and what we want from politicians

Charlotte Gray

Who, Us?

Debunking the mythical Quebec

Martin Patriquin

"I Love Arguing!"

In profound appreciation of Anthony Westell (1926–2017)

Bronwyn Drainie

Speaking of Dying

Do public rituals of grief ever help us mourn?

Sandra Martin

No Nudes, Please—We’re Canadian

Our national artistic fixation on landscapes came at a cost

Devon Smither

The Outside Man

A celebrity memoir from a uniquely talented artist on the edge of fame, and Hollywood itself

John Semley

The Post-Scarcity World

Capitalism meets its cyber-hippie match in a bountiful future that redefines class, politics and personhood itself

Navneet Alang

Shadow Stories

Mother issues 40,000 years ago, and now

Anne Marie Todkill

Goode for All Infermitys

Accounting for tastes in a collection of 17th-century recipes and remedies

Eugenia Zuroski

Alone in a Room

An artist’s arresting vision of a life in captivity, and of how power shapes our world and our selves

Nicholas Köhler

Against the Flow

Race, radio and Canada’s musical coming of age

Donna Bailey Nurse

Where We Have Been

A bumpy, warp-speed view of the ultimate road trip—humanity’s

Renée Hetherington