Chilean Ghazals

A poem


white doe — an albino ripple

in a brown silk banner of running deer


wading the Pacific in Quintera — cold paprika

ocean sparks my ankles


a squelch of kelp beneath my feet, memory

of a friendship’s misstep — a beach walk blurred


across dark pasture of parcella, jigsaw lights

blink development; blight of golden arches


atop the road’s rock-shoulder, sand dunes

press white cheeks into a hot blue sky


hoots outside my window beg me

to rise and search the nutmeg-scented dawn


Yvan gallops past in black sombrero,

bandana mask, toy gun raised


a blue bowl, two found feathers — Tucuquere [owl]

and Queltehue [lapwing] — poems stall


mare and slender foal — milk and toffee

under Venus and a crescent moon.