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From the archives

The Path of Poetic Resistance

To disarm Canada and its canon

Are Interests Really Value-Free?

A salvo from the “realist” school of Canadian foreign relations

Going It Alone

The marvellous, single-minded, doggedly strange passion of citizen scientists

Back Issues

December 2019

Drew Shannon Cover and spot illustrations by Drew Shannon, whose graphic novel, The Montague Twins: The Witch’s Hand, comes out next summer.

Oil and Holy Water

Bearing the cross of a natural resource

Tom Jokinen

Somewhere over Rome

Confronting Fascism then and now

Jeannie Marshall

True Brew

Cracking open a refreshing history of Labatt’s

Dan Malleck

Pushing Boundaries

The past and present of abortion travel

Shannon Stettner

A Fair Hearing

Lessons from Robyn Doolittle’s new book

Kelly S. Thompson

Governing a Homeland

The politics of the Métis Nation

David Parent

Dropping the Puck

Can hockey mount a comeback?

Stephen Smith

A Gutsy Gambit

Millennials and their checkered reality

Ethan Lou

Flight Club

The pioneering pilot who flew under the radar

David Wilson

Curtain Call

Images that have shaped the Canadian stage

Keith Garebian

Some New Material

Sean Michaels bets on comedy

Marisa Grizenko

Pilgrims’ Progress?

Patrick Warner heads to Spain

Rose Hendrie

Fresh Prince

Steven Price’s novel take on a classic

Katherine Ashenburg

My Writing Desk

I inherited more than a piece of furniture

Margaret E. Schotte