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The (Other) October Crisis

A new book revisits one of Canada’s most traumatic and telling moments

Model Behaviour

A Haida village as seen in a windy city

Liberal Interpretations

Making sense of Justin Trudeau and his party

Back Issues

June 2013

Cover art and pictures throughout the issue by Dmitry Bondarenko. Dmitry Bondarenko is a comic book artist and freelance illustrator based in Toronto’s East End, where he continues to live, work and make borscht. For more information about his work, visit

Getting to Better Schools

The promise—and pitfalls—of educational reform

Ben Levin

Hellfire in Shediac

A lurid murder illuminates the 19th-century Atlantic world

Margaret Conrad

New Baby, Old Vice

A mother’s trip into the unglamorous viscera of alcoholism

Ibi Kaslik

Cultural Nationalism 3.0

The head of The Writers’ Union of Canada continues the debate on CanLit in the schools (and in our lives)

John Degen

Healthy Business, Healthy Planet?

The case against green companies is hard to prove

Andrew Heintzman

The Trashiad

A Canadian politician leads the environmental charge in an epic battle

Joy S. Roberts

Crusader of the Woodlands

It took a Czech botanist to spotlight Canada’s old-growth forests

J.B. MacKinnon

In Search of the Good Life

Family history reveals a writer’s roots

Norbert Ruebsaat

Legislation by Thunderbolt

Did a popular premier just get too far ahead of the curve?

Beth Haddon

Woman's Work

Author and reviewer share a socially pioneering history

Frances Lankin

Revolutionary Aid

Cuba’s impressively outsized humanitarian healthcare efforts

Kevin Patterson

A Right to Healthy Eating

The community roots of a food warrior’s national campaign

Peter Ladner

Insatiable Spirits

How disappointment and desire haunt us

Kamal Al-Solaylee

Political Inheritance

The nationalist blurring of “Left” and “Right,” from Scotland and Ireland to Quebec

Jerry White

Making Politics More Welcoming

More than 40 countries let non-citizen residents vote municipally. Why not Canada?

Graeme Cook and Patti T. Lenard

Banal Injustice

Our courts may be fair—our administrative tribunals not so much

Bob Tarantino