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Carnival Yard

Thrushes back! Juncos!
Yard’s a-hoppin’ — towhees, too…
Winter carnival!

Whee! to winter! Yard-
hopping, too! Carnival’s back —
Thrushes. A junco.

Winter yard: Juncos,
thrushes, towhees hopping back
to a carnival.

Backyard carnival —
jocant towhees, thrushes, us:
oo, winter’s hoppin’!

Hoppin’ juncos, yard’s
a towhee carnival! Two
thrushes. Winter’s back.

Backyard towhees hush;
juncos stop hopping. Winter
carnival at rest.

after Brian Bartlett’s “Shuffles”

Sandy Shreve’s most recent books are her poetry collection Suddenly, So Much (Exile Editions, 2005) and the anthology In Fine Form: The Canadian Book of Form Poetry (co-edited with Kate Braid; Polestar/Raincoast Books, 2005). Her chapbook, Cedar Cottage Suite, is now available from Leaf Press.