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Paper Rout

Postmedia in the gutter

Past Trauma

Richard Wagamese and an Indigenous literary resurgence

Family Pride

Profiles in gay life

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January 2017

Josh Holinaty Josh Holinaty is an illustrator whose works include public art commissions and book, magazine and newspaper illustrations. Some of his clients include The New York Times, WIRED, Red Bull and The Globe and Mail. Originally from Alberta, Josh now lives in Toronto with his wife, Genevieve, and their dog, Jack, eater of socks.

On Feminism, Islam and Civil Liberties in an Era of Fear

Ausma Zehanat Khan in conversation with Monia Mazigh

Survival of the … Noblest?

Why environmentalism is failing

Lev Bratishenko

Extreme Makeover

What kind of capital city will a multibillion-dollar renovation of Parliament create?

Sarah Jennings

Into the Heart of Empire

A history of London through the eyes of indigenous travellers

Ronald Wright

The Gastronomical Us

Does Canada really need a national cuisine?

Emily M. Keeler

Beauty and the Accidental

In watching birds, a writer finds solace, and lessons for the creative life

Candace Savage

The Muse Wore a Low-Cut Blouse

W.P. Kinsella’s posthumous book reveals a writer more cynical than his famous baseball novel might suggest

Norman Snider

Meanwhile, in Another Part of the Story

Digressions, odd patterns and puns animate Emma Richler’s oddball novel

Liz Harmer

Going It Alone

The marvellous, single-minded, doggedly strange passion of citizen scientists

Patchen Barss

Sex and the City

Finding queer identities in Montreal and Toronto

Amy Lavender Harris

Grief and the Attentive Poet

In memoir-tinged poems about dementia and autistic children, we encounter the world outside ourselves

Anita Lahey

Wonk Friendly

What to expect from our think tanks

Rohinton Medhora

Double Vision

A former language commissioner on the future of bilingualism

Graham Fraser