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From the archives

Our Violent National Game

The great hockey debate continues

Pax Atlantica

NATO’s long-lasting relevance

Back Issues

July | August 2020

"Lost Kings," by Bank Moody.

Summer School

Acknowledging and talking about uncomfortable truths

Kyle Wyatt

False Notions

Yes, certain conditions continue to exist

Mark Nkalubo Nabeta

An Act of Protest

Desmond Cole says his piece

Morgan Campbell

Waiting on Tables

When no one’s being served

Michael Humeniuk


Keeping spirits up in isolation

David Wilson

Heart and Solo

Beyond the Silicon Valley fallacy

Rob Csernyik

China’s Moment

Reckoning with an empire state of mind

Dan Dunsky

A Northern Light

Nunavut’s hope to avoid the outbreak

Sarah Rogers

National Personality

The legacy of Marcel Cadieux

Bruce K. Ward

Harsh Treatment

Perspectives on internment

J. L. Granatstein

Risky Business

The journeys of human curiosity

Gregory P. Marchildon

Lawgivers of the Mind

The moral coding of artificial intelligence

Brendan Howley

Snuffed Torch

Can the Olympic myth survive?

Laura Robinson

North and South

Cuba’s Orwellian mystery

Amanda Perry

Trying Situations

A new collection from David Bergen

David Staines

An Urgent Realm

Mallory Tater’s dark debut

Cecily Ross


When a friend put a pen in my hand

Sheree Fitch